Sunday, 26 January 2014


Those who truly seek the Truth look inside.
Those who truly look inside find a desert of nothingness.
Along the foot marks of those before us in this desert we read:
"There are only three Truths in this world:
Suffering, Impermanence and Selflessness.
But to you, oh wary traveller, we -
those who have walked before you - say:
There is no need for Fear or Dispair.
You see a desert because you have chosen to see beyond
the vivid dancing colours of Samsara.
Now the ilusions are gone, for you see beyond them.
All that is left is the desert before you.
But look closely and you shall see
That the desert is made of Star Dust, and the Wind
is the Wind of Change.
Look closely and see the Truth,
see that which cannot be put in words.
Then you will choose the firm ground of
Impermanence and Nothingness
over the quicksands of Somethingness."

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